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Why Lingam Massage?

Why Lingam Massage?

The male will be advised to turn over onto his back about halfway through the treatment so that the massage therapist may reach the Muladhara and Svadhisthana Chakras. These are found in the lower abdomen. The face, chest, and lower body will likely be massaged in addition to the body to body massage. It’s common for males to cycle between arousal stages.

Next, a rhythmic, light touch is applied to the region right above the pelvic bone, using the fingers or fingernails. Svadhisthana Chakra and its surrounding region are to be stimulated by this procedure. At this time, many guys grow agitated and want to hurry things up. In sexual settings, men naturally want to take action and be the aggressor in order to fast attain climax. This is a consequence of this natural predisposition. The lingam massage method provides an opportunity to learn to let go of one’s need to manage one’s own pleasure. Breathe deeply and remain in the now to reap the benefits of patience.

The next step is to concentrate on the lingam. Warmed oil will be drizzled on the testicles and shaft of an animal. Once the scrotal sack has been loosened, the practitioner will proceed to massage the testicles with their fingers. In addition, the pubic bone will be massaged firmly. This will be followed by a massage of the perineum (the region between the anus and testicles). The therapist will begin by softly gripping the lingam shaft, and then slowly slide the palm up and down the shaft. The Kundalini’s blood and vitality are infused into the lingam via this sliding and squeezing action.

The head and neck are massaged as well as the rest of the body. The lingam has nerve terminals that relate to certain parts of the body. The lingam massage is said to maintain a man robust and bright in Tantric health. Stroking and squeezing will continue in a steady pace for some time. Pressure and speed may cause the lingam to soften. The condition of the lingam is not important. If you’re looking for a tantric experience, you can’t go wrong with either state.

During ejaculation, trained practitioners know when to reduce the pressure and intensity of their treatment. When the lingam has had a chance to recuperate, the beat is stepped up again. “Riding the wave” is a common term for this kind of behaviour. Try to learn how to control your ejaculation during a lingam massage to get the most out of the experience. It is important to take deep breaths and have a clear head to avoid temptation. Multiple orgasms have been achieved by many guys with sufficient self-control.

In order to facilitate the Kundalini’s ultimate release and purifying ejaculation, the therapist may stimulate a place known as the Sacred Spot. When squeezed, a pea-sized region around the prostate is stimulated. The first time this is accessible, it might be awkward since it is a highly private area and males can get tight. The therapist’s hands and intuition will guide you through the rest of the lingam massage session.

Take a moment to relax and let your thoughts wander thereafter. Thoughts and feelings may often be overwhelming at the same time. You may let them come and leave. Signs that Kundalini energy is being released and activating the senses are beneficial. A lingam massage may help you tap into your own creativity and vigour. The long-term effects of regular massage are significantly greater.

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