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The Tantric Massage You’ve Heard About: Yoni Massage

The Tantric Massage You’ve Heard About: Yoni Massage

What Is A Yoni Massage?

tantric yoni or yonic massage is largely focused on the labia, clitoris, G-Spot, uterus and other erogenous zones that are considered helpful. In order for the recipient to have a yoni massage, a practitioner or masseuse must be very attentive and patient. For this massage, the goal is not to have sex with the therapist, but to reconnect with your body and feel at ease in it.

It’s not only the vaginal region that a yoni massage focuses on. The Kundalini, a coil of energy that resides in the sacrum, is the focus of this method. Yoga yoni massage may help open and unblock the seven primary chakras in the body, bringing a burst of fresh vitality to the body. In this profoundly sexual encounter, the woman may access her body’s inherent healing, creative, and innate intelligence, as well as access her own intuition.

In addition, sexual tension is unblocked and sexual vitality is rekindled. As a result of this long-term advantage, more and more practitioners have gotten into this line of work. A yoni massage session with a loved one is obviously a great method to strengthen your connection.

The internet and other service directories can help you locate a yoni message therapist. For couples who are interested in learning how to use the method, the internet is full with instructional videos and tutorials. Consider the fact that ways and approaches might differ, so have fun and try as many as you can.

A yoni massage session might take place at the recipient’s home or hotel, or in the studio of a practitioner. Expect a welcoming and calming environment that is meant to help you unwind. There are times when relaxing music or natural sounds are played. As a result, the mind is freed up and one may more easily surrender to the process. The use of massage oils is another option. Some massage therapists would gladly use essential oils into their yoni oil for therapeutic purposes if the client requests it. Popular aromas include patchouli and YlangYlang, which are known for their calming effects and ability to alleviate stress.

There are several holistic healing modalities that yoni therapists include into their work such as polarity balancing, reiki, and chakra balancing. If you have specific objectives for the session, be sure to convey them clearly to your therapist or partner so that they are on the same page.

With her on her stomach, a masseuse can easily reach her shoulders and back. To begin the process of establishing trust between participants, stroking and kneading muscles in this region is beneficial. There are seven Chakras in the human body, and most massage therapists will concentrate on one or more of them. On the top of the head, the Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) and the Muladhara (Root Chakra) are placed. Energy is stimulated by moving along this channel between these two anchor chakras. Additionally, the yoni massage focuses on the Svadhisthana Chakra which is positioned immediately above the pelvic bone.

First, a light fingertip touch down the spine and over the skin of the bottom and inner thighs is used to stimulate these key spots. Arousal is often sparked in the massage receiver as a result of this technique’s ability to stimulate the flow of blood. As the Kundalini is unblocking and streaming energy throughout the body, this is a normal reaction. Your spouse or massage therapist would appreciate it if you tell them how well they are doing. A yoni massage may have long-term advantages if the recipient is comfortable with all stroking and stimulation.

A half-way point in the session will necessitate the lady shifting to her back and exposing her front. The Svadhisthana (above the pelvic bone) will be massaged with a mild touch to maintain the yoni’s vitality flowing. It’s common to notice that the person giving the gift and the one receiving it are both breathing in unison. Tantra-trained massage therapists may offer particular breathing instructions to their clients.

The yoni will take centre stage at this moment. Oil is placed over the mound and allowed to drop onto the outside of the mouth. The practitioner will apply the oil to the mound and pubic bone with varied degrees of pressure. During the process of applying the oil, the lips will be rubbed more vigorously, with the fingers softly gliding up and down the yoni. The palm of the hand will begin to move in a circular motion on the clitoris as breathing speeds up. A good and energetic yoni massage relies heavily on feedback, thus it’s crucial to remember that. Direct your therapist or partner as you raise or reduce the pressure and pace.

A finger is cautiously put into the yoni if it is agreed upon. Depending on how the massage recipient is breathing and moving their hips, the finger will provide gentle massage and exploration of the inner walls. Keeping a steady, deep breath is essential at this time, so do your best to maintain it that way. Emotions may run the gamut. Another clue that trapped sexual and emotional energy is being allowed to discharge is this natural occurrence.

The yoni’s “holy area” will then be explored by the partner or massage therapist by slowly turning the palm upward and bending the finger. The G-spot is another name for this area. It’s a combination of speed, pressure, and various finger movements. Skilled practitioners will bring the recipient to the edge of orgasm, then enable many orgasms to occur while they are at it. Tantra calls this “riding the wave,” and each wave becomes stronger and more healing energy flows through it.

In most cases, the therapist will keep massaging the client until they feel completely relieved. The hands are progressively withdrawn at this moment, allowing the massage recipient to regain her breath and revel in the warm glow of energy released from the Kundalini. After this event, pay attention to your physical well-being. Think of your head and spine as chakras that are releasing tension and allowing creative and healing energy to flow into your body. You’ll never forget the sensation of having your body massaged with yoni oil.

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