Beautiful Tantric Massage
Tantric Massage Instructions

Tantric Massage Instructions

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A safe area should be set up. You should practise tantra in a holy and comfortable environment at all times. Cleaning, lowering lights, burning incense or diffusing essential oils are all good ways to set the mood for a quiet evening at home. You may prevent distractions and maintain yourself in the present moment by turning off or quiet your phone. Some couples like to have a pre-wedding shower.

Preparation is key. Massage oil is an essential part of an erotic massage, since it helps to relax the body and stimulate the genitals. Choose an all-natural oil (coconut or olive) for your tantric massage to prevent irritating your skin. Warming the oil to touch will loosen it up, enabling it to slide over the skin more easily, resulting in a more enjoyable massage experience.

Put your focus on the partner’s lower back. Start your tantric massage session with your spouse lying face down in the environment you’ve set for him or her to relax. In a caring and sexy manner, massage their back from the top of their head all the way down to their toes. During the massage, pay attention to how your partner’s body reacts to different types of touch in various erogenous zones and how sexual energy builds up in their body. Before going on to other regions, spend at least 20 minutes massaging your partner’s back.

Massage the front of your companion. To begin massaging your lover, have them lie on their back with oil applied to their skin or your hands. At this point, you should just tease or softly caress their genitals, not immediately stimulate them. Instead, focus on their neck, arms, chest, stomach, and legs. Pay great attention to your partner’s physique and sexual energy, and be aware of their moods and pleasures. Before you go on, give your companion at least 20 minutes of back massage.

Start the massage with the lingam or yoni. Using a lingam massage for penis owners or a yoni massage for vulva owners, if you and your partner are both comfortable, you may go on to massaging their genitals directly. Keep in mind the numerous aspects of your partner’s body while you massage them (the head, frenulum, shaft, balls, and perineum for penis owners; the outer and inner lips, clitoris, crura, vaginal opening, g-spot, and perineum for vulva owners). To get the most out of a lingam massage, pay attention to your partner’s arousal levels and adjust your pace or speeding to bring out the enjoyment. Make sure you spend at least 20 minutes rubbing the exterior of the vulva before obtaining permission to use a finger to go farther into the tissue for more feeling.

Bring the massage to a close. It might be difficult to tell when a tantric massage is done since orgasm is not the aim. At least several minutes after your spouse has orgasmed, continue the massage to indicate that the climax was only an enjoyable side effect. If your spouse does not climax, continue the massage, gradually decreasing your partner’s sexual energy until you both feel satisfied and rested. If you go straight into penetrative intercourse following a tantric massage, you run the risk of making the encounter seem like a chore rather than a source of pure pleasure for you and your partner.

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