Techniques Of Tantric
Body To Body Massage

Body To Body Massage

In body-to-body massage, the massage practitioner transmits the warmth and energy of their own body to the client. Anxiety and tension may be relieved, and the mind and body can better access the natural healing and energy sources that are inside each of us when we engage in this very sensuous exercise. Body-to-body massage is a tantric technique that has been used for centuries to release and replenish sexual and spiritual energies. Even if it’s incredibly sexy, a body-to-body massage should not be seen primarily as a sex activity.

Chakra healing, Reiki energy, and polarity balancing are all complementary holistic healing practises used by massage therapists. In order to assist the body restore its normal flow of energy, these arts are often utilised throughout a session. When it comes to tantric teaching, Kundalini is the primary source of energy in the body. A body-to-body session may assist release this energy and can lead to increased mental and physical wellbeing.

Both men and women may get a body-to-body massage from a professional or a loved one. Both men and women may get the advantages of body-to-body work. If you’re looking for a professional, a short online search may usually turn up a list of people who are qualified. Many books and instructional DVDs are available for couples who want to give each other a body-to-body session, as well as suggestions and videos that can be found online. Explore a variety of massage therapists to choose the one that best suits your needs and provides the most lasting results.

In a number of locations, such as a hotel room, a studio, or a spa, sessions may be held. In the case of a self-hosted body to body session, a few factors should be taken into account. The skin-to-skin contact required for body-to-body work may make even the most pleasant surroundings seem chilly after a time. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to increase the thermostat a few degrees. Lights should be dimmed or candles should be utilised to create a calming atmosphere. Candles scented with essential oils may also help set the atmosphere. If you’re performing a body-to-body massage with a friend or loved one, be sure to use a high-quality massage oil that the therapist provides. These oils are available in a wide range of scents, each of which has the potential to promote well-being and healing. Popular smells include citrus, patchouli, and lavender.

Traditional back and shoulder massages are often the first part of a full-body massage treatment. Start slowly and create trust between giver and receiver using this method. To ensure that the massage recipient is entirely at ease, it is necessary to set clear boundaries and often solicit feedback from him or her. It is common for the scalp to be forcefully stroked with the fingers and fingernails in addition to back and shoulder massage. Massages are also performed on the ears and earlobes. When the Crown Chakra is stimulated, the mind is freed from undesired or unpleasant ideas and feelings. Intuitive massage therapists can tell when their clients are ready for the next level of sensual stimulation and when they aren’t. Often, a mild and sensitive massage of the bottom and inner thighs is used to aid achieve this preparedness. The massage therapists would appreciate it if you offer them feedback and tell them what amount of pressure you’d like.

The masseuse uses her breasts and shoulders (or the chest and shoulders for a male masseur) to softly caress the body during the real body-to-body phase. To reduce tension and anxiety, skin-to-skin contact distributes the warmth and sensuous energy of the provider from the recipient. Arousal is normal, and it should be embraced. This kind of exercise should not be taken lightly and one should not be ashamed by the body’s reaction to stimulus. Arousal indicates that the Kundalini’s mystical force has been tapped. Relax and take it all in.

The massage recipient will flip over to face the front of the body while the body-to-body massage moves on to the next area of the body. In other cases, the therapist may use their hands to gently pinch particular parts of the body while the breasts/chests are being massaged. As a result of this unique combination of gentle brushing and harder squeezing, the massage exceeds any other kind of conventional therapy.

Next, if it’s agreed upon, the genitals may be focused on to aid the ultimate release of Kundalini’s energy during a body to body massage session. Blood flow is encouraged from the upper to lower body by rubbing the region linked with the Svadhisthana Chakra. An additional massage may be employed to push the recipient’s emotional state to the edge, such as one of the vaginal or lingam massages (the penis). Orgasms aren’t necessarily the ultimate outcome, but they’re a common side effect. When it comes to Kundalini releasing, not everyone is ready for the intensity of the first session.

In any case, the body-to-body massage treatment will leave you with a restored sense of vigour and energy. Make sure you don’t hurry out of the session, but instead take some time to reflect on what you’ve just experienced.

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