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Yoni Massage London

Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word for vagina and means "sacred temple." A yoni massage is a tantric technique designed to release tension and bring renewed physical and sexual energy to the receiver. In Tantra, the yoni is sacred and is a worshiped part of the female body. The yoni massage is highly sensuous and a strong connection is made between the massage practitioner and receiver of the massage.

Yoni massage techniques vary, and do not only focus on the vaginal area. The approach is designed to open up and awaken the Kundalini which is a coil of energy located in the sacrum. This area is related to the seven major Chakras of the body, and yoni massage will help open and unblock the Chakras to provide renewed energy to the body. This is a highly sensual experience and allows the woman to access the body's natural healing ability, creativity and native intelligence.

Another benefit is the unblocking of sexual tension and renewed sexual energy. This is one of the long term benefits and has led to more and more practitioners in this area. Obviously couples can also practice yoni massage as a way to bond and intensify relationships.

Finding a yoni message therapist is easy as the internet and other service directories will list several practitioners. For couples interested in the technique, the internet also features many how-to videos and instructions. It is important to remember that methods and approaches vary so have fun and explore as many as possible.

A session of yoni massage can be done at the receiver's home or hotel, or at a practitioner's studio. Expect a warm and inviting atmosphere, designed to help in relaxation. Often soft and soothing music or sound effects from nature are played. This helps free the mind of troubling thoughts and makes it easier to give oneself over to the process. Massage oils are also used. If desired, most yoni massage therapists will happily use essential oils to add scents to the massage oil for a therapeutic effect. This aroma therapy is popular and most often scents such as patchouli, YlangYlang and lavender are used for their soothing properties and to relieve tension.

Many yoni practitioners also practice other holistic healing techniques such as polarity balancing, Reiki and Chakra clearing. Make sure to clearly communicate any goals one may have for the session and ensure the therapist or partner is clear on what you want to achieve.

The actual massage generally begins with the woman on her stomach to allow access to the shoulders and back. This area stores much tension and rubbing and kneading muscles here helps establish initial trust between the participants. Approaches vary, but most likely the massage giver will focus on the before mentioned Chakras of the body, of which there are seven. The Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) is located on the top of the head and the Muladhara (Root Chakra) is at the base of the spine. Working along this path between these two anchor Chakras stimulates energy flow. Another place of focus for the yoni massage is the Svadhisthana Chakra located just above the pelvic bone.

Stimulating these vital points is at first done with a gentle fingertip touch up and down the spine, gliding across the skin of the bottom and inner thighs. This technique stimulates the flow of blood and many times starts a feeling of arousal in the massage recipient. This is an expected response and is a sign the Kundalini is unblocking and flowing energy throughout the body. Be sure to give your partner or massage giver feedback on what they are doing. It is important to be comfortable with all touching and stimulation, as any negative energy or thoughts lessen the long term benefits of a yoni massage.

About half way into the session the woman will need to shift to her back, exposing the front of the body. The light touch massage will be employed on the Svadhisthana (just above the pelvic bone) to keep energy flowing to the yoni. Expect a higher level of arousal and one will often find that the giver and receiver are breathing in rhythm. A massage therapist with training in tantric technique may in fact give specific breathing direction.

At this point the focus will turn to the yoni. Warmed oil is poured on the mound and let to drip on the outer lips. The practitioner will gently rub in the oil, varying pressure on the mound and pubic bone. As the oil works into the area, a more pronounced rubbing of the lips will take place, with the fingers sliding gently up and down the length of the yoni. As breathing becomes more rapid, attention will turn to the clitoris, with the palm of the hand working in a circular motion. It is again important to remember that feedback is key to a successful and energizing yoni massage. Direct your partner or therapist as the pressure and speed are increased or decreased.

If agreed upon, a finger is carefully inserted into the yoni. The finger will gently massage and explore the inner walls, again with the speed and pressure varying depending on the feedback received from breathing and hip movement of the massage recipient. Breath control is important at this point, so try and keep breaths deep and rhythmic. Varying emotions may surface. This is natural and is another sign that blocked sexual and emotional energy is being allowed to clear.

The partner or massage practitioner will then gently turn the palm of the hand upward and bend the finger to explore the "sacred spot" of the yoni. This is also known as the G-spot. Speed, pressure and different finger motions are used. Skilled practitioners will bring the receiver to the brink of orgasm and then back off allowing multiple orgasms to occur. This is known as "riding the wave" in the language of Tantra, with each wave gaining in intensity and healing energy.

Generally the massage will continue until full release is achieved. At this point the hands are slowly removed and the massage recipient is allowed to catch her breath and bask in the warm glow of the energy released from the Kundalini. Be mindful of your body after this experience. Visualize the Chakras of the head and spine opening up and imagine the stress flowing out of the body and being replaced with creativity and healing energy. A yoni massage is a unique and enlightening experience.


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