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The Tantric arts are an ancient and sacred ritual and the various practices involved in Tantra are considered a pathway to a spiritual and sexual awakening of the body. The word Tantra is a Sanskrit term which means "weaving" as in the weaving of spiritual and sexual energy for both physical and mental health. Most people associate Tantra with sex, as in Tantric Sex, but the practice also includes Tantric breathing, meditation, yoga and massage.

A tantric massage is designed to stimulate and awaken the Kundalini, which is an energy source located at the bottom of the spinal column in the sacrum. When stimulated and awakened the Kundalini provides a burst of energy up the spine. Not only is this a highly sensual experience, but the process allows a person to better access and tap into their innate intelligence, creativity, natural healing ability and strength.

Getting a Tantric massage service in London is one of the most sensual and erotic experiences a person can have. And while the actual massage experience is incredible, it also has long term benefits in helping to unblock sexual tension, which can lead to stronger sexual energy. More and more Tantric massage therapists are becoming available, but one can also study the techniques to perform on a partner of either gender.

The atmosphere for a Tantric massage will be warm, inviting and relaxed. Often light, soft music is played or natural sounds such as waves or running water are included to aid in relaxation. It is recommended that a warm shower or bath be taken before the massage to help to loosen the tension in the body. To facilitate the massage, warm oil is used, often infused with essential oils to provide an aromatherapeutic benefit. If there are certain ailments, certain natural scents can improve the healing process. Oils such as lavender, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and citrus scents are naturally relaxing and will help the body release inner tension and stress.

Most Tantric massages will begin with the back and upper shoulders. This is similar to most other massage, but is designed to further relax the person receiving the massage. It is crucial that there is trust between the massage therapist and client and both are comfortably open to the touch and feel of the human body. After kneading and working on the shoulders, arms and neck area, the therapist will begin incorporating Tantric practices. While there is no one standard approach, many Tantric massage therapists will begin to focus attention on the areas of the seven major Chakras of the body. The location of the Chakras runs from the top of the head (Sahasrara or Crown Chakra) to the base of the spine (Muladhara or Root Chakra). Tantric massage most often focuses on the Muladhara and Svadhisthana (just above the pelvic bone) Chakras.

To begin stimulating these Chakras, the massage therapist will gently touch the area with the fingertips, gliding across the lower back, bottom and inner thighs. This light touch stimulates blood flow and begins to amp up the sensual nature of Tantric massage. Communicate with the masseuse or masseur to give them direction. A light touch can be very erotic or border on tickling. Make sure the feeling and pressure is to your liking. This part of the massage is often very arousing. This is to be expected and part of the gradual unblocking of the Kundalini.

Often a body to body massage is performed next. This involves the masseuse using her breasts to gently glide across the back, shoulders, legs and head. A masseur uses his chest, shoulders and biceps in a similar fashion. This is a highly stimulating and erotic experience. The physical warmth and spiritual energy from a body to body massage often results in a flushed and pulsing sensation that signals the continued release and clearing of the Kundalini.

At some point, you'll be asked to turn over on your back. This will give the Tantric massage therapist access to the chest/breasts, stomach, pelvis, genitals and thighs. More warm oil is applied and rubbed in. Then the body to body massage will continue on the front. Again, arousal will be expected and is part of the experience. However if there is any aspect that is uncomfortable, make sure this is communicated to the therapist immediately. Tantric massage cannot be enjoyable if one feels uncomfortable or nervous.

The final part of the Tantric massage is designed to provide a final burst of sensual energy to awaken the Kundaliniand spread this energy to the entire body. This is done with a Lingam (penis) or Yoni (vagina) massage. Although both of these massage techniques can be very stimulating, the end result does not have to be orgasm. Its main purpose is to relax the body and open up the energy field of the Kundalini.

First the therapist will firmly massage the pubic bone area where the Svadhisthana Chakra is located, and then move to pelvis and inner thigh area. Again, arousal is common and is one of the goals of the session. This is where a close connection with the therapist is important. Most times the client and therapist will begin breathing in rhythm as the final Yoni or Lingam massage is begun.

In this phase more warm oil is applied and direct massage is applied to the penis or vagina. Some people may not be ready to experience the full intensity of the release of the Kundalini. It is important that one communicates clearly to the therapist as everyone's threshold is different and the physical sensation can vary greatly.

No matter how intense the Lingam and Yoni massage, the experience often results in the receiver actually feeling the Chakras along the spine open and clear. The energy jolt of the Kundalini is magical and few are disappointed with this final release. At the end of the session one will have the unique feeling of being both relaxed and energized, leading to a peaceful feeling and giving quicker access to one's creativity and intelligence.


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