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Lingam Massage London

A lingam massage is a very sensual and erotic approach taken from Tantric sex principles. Lingam is a Sanskrit word for penis that roughly translates to "wand of enlightenment" that is source of creativity, energy and pleasure. A lingam massage is performed to unlock the man's energy and sexual potency by stimulating the root Chakra, known as the Muladhara (located at the base of the spine in the sacrum). The lingam massage engenders a strong connection between the massage therapist and the man receiving the bodywork.

There is no standard approach or techniques to lingam massage, and the whole body is incorporated into the session. Ultimately the goal of lingam massage is to awaken and release the Kundanlini, which is a source of immense physical, spiritual and sexual energy located in the sacrum. Unfortunately, even in sexually active and healthy men, the Kundalini can become blocked and stagnant. This is why lingam massage has emerged as an important aspect of a man's healthy sexuality. The experience not only leads to greater sexual potency, but it will unlock creative pathways and allow the man to source his body's natural healing ability and intuition.

Aside from finding a lingam massage therapist, the technique is also practiced by couples looking to intensify their sexual and spiritual bond. This is equally accomplished in both hetero and homosexual relationships. In male/female relationships the man may want to become familiar with yoni massage techniques, which is another Tantric massage technique focusing on releasing a female's sexual energy through vaginal massage.

Finding a lingam massage practitioner has become easier with the rise in focus of this profession. A simple internet search or flip through the phone directory is usually all that is required. Make sure the practitioner is truly schooled in lingam and Tantra technique, as many massage therapists will advertise sensual or erotic massage, but may not know the true skills of an experienced lingam therapist.

A lingam massage London session can be done just about anywhere; in the home or a hotel room or at a massage studio. No matter where the session is performed, the environment should be warm and inviting. Comfort and relaxation is key, so soft music or a naturalistic soundtrack of waves crashing or rain falling will be playing. The room is generally kept slightly warmer than normal and lights are dimmed or the space lit with candles. Massage oil is often scented with aromas linked to relaxation and tension release such as YlangYlang, lavender, citrus and Patchouli.

The massage starts with the man on his stomach and a gentle Swedish-style massage is usually performed on the shoulders and upper back. The scalp may be rubbed and scratched and the ears massaged and gently tugged upon. This is done help establish a bond and level of trust between the massage recipient and giver. At this point be sure to communicate any preferences or out of bound areas or techniques. Lingam massage is a highly enjoyable experience, but requires comfort and ease in the mind to be truly enjoyed.

A body on body massage is often performed. This means the masseuse will glider her breasts and shoulders across the head, back and bottom. This erotic technique energizes the body with warmth and energy from the direct skin to skin contact. Arousal is typical during this and is to be expected. Do not fight any urge of the body, as this will only serve to further block the Kundalini. Often a pulsing sensation is felt; this is a sign that the Kundalini is beginning to clear and release energy.

About half of the way through the session the man will be asked to roll over onto his back to allow the massage therapist access to the Muladhara and Svadhisthana Chakras. These are located in the pelvic area. The body to body massage will likely be continued across the face, chest and lower body. Many men experience a cycling of arousal states and this is also normal.

Next a gentle touch of the area just above the pelvic bone is done, often using the fingertips or fingernails in rhythmic pattern. This is to stimulate blood flow from the heart through the Svadhisthana Chakra and into the lingam and surrounding area. Many men become anxious at this point and yearn to speed up the process. This is a result of the natural male tendency to want to take action and be the aggressor in sexual situations and quickly achieve the goal of orgasm. Part of the spiritual learning of the lingam massage process is learning to turn oneself over and surrender control of pleasure taking. Patience is rewarded, so breathe deeply and stay in the moment.

Next comesa focus on the lingam itself. A small amount of warmed oil will be poured over the shaft and testicles. The practitioner will begin gently massaging the testicles, helping to loosen the scrotal sack. At the same time a firm massage on the pubic bone will take place. Next the perineum (the area between the anus and testicles) will be massaged to stimulate blood flow and further release energy. If agreed upon, the therapist will move to the lingam shaft, first squeezing gently and then slowly sliding the hand up and down. This sliding and squeezing process energizes the lingam with blood and energy from the Kundalini.

The massage continues around the shaft and head. There are nerve endings on the lingam that correspond to specific areas of the body. In Tantric health it is believed that the lingam massage keeps a man healthy and vibrant. This rhythmic stroking and squeezing will go on for some time. The lingam may go soft as pressure and speed is varied. Do not worry about the state of the lingam. Both states lead to a unique tantric experience, and hard and soft are just either end of the spectrum of pleasure.

When ejaculation nears, the skilled practitioner will sense this and back off of the pressure and intensity. This allows the lingam to recover before the rhythm is again intensified. Generally this is allowed to happen a few times and is known as "riding the wave." Orgasm is not really the single end goal of lingam massage, so try and master the art of ejaculation control. Deep breathing and a clear mind will help combat the urge. With enough control, many men have been able to experience multiple orgasms without expending any semen.

When nearing the final release of the Kundalini and cleansing ejaculation, the therapist may stimulate an area known as the Sacred Spot. This is a pea sized area that when pressed stimulations an inner area near the prostate. This may feel uncomfortable the first time it is accessed, as it is a very intimate spot and men can become tense. Try and breathe into the experience as the release occurs and trust the therapist's hands and instincts to complete the lingam massage journey.

Afterward take time to lie still and let the mind wonder. Often a number of thoughts and emotions will flood the mind. Let these come and go. These are positive signs that the Kundalini is releasing powerful energy into the body and stimulating the senses. Tap into the creativity and vibrancy a lingam massage will bring. Regular massage will bring even longer term benefits.


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