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Aromatherapy oils used in tantric massage

If you have decided to book yourself in for a tantric massage then you will be pleased to know that your masseuse will use exotic aromatic oils on your skin during the massage. This is not only because the sense of smell adds to the overall experience, but essential oils also have their own useful and therapeutic properties.

Essential oils will be added to a carrier oil and then applied to the skin. This is because essential oils have no lubrication in themselves. They also need to be diluted, as they can be very potent in their natural form. Essential oils are usually mixed with a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil, peach kernel oil or a variety of other types of carrier oils.

Some of these carrier oils may be extracted from nuts, for example, almond oil, so you must ensure no carrier oil like this is being used on your skin if you have a nut allergy. You should always ensure your masseuse knows of your nut allergy if you have one, or any other kind of allergy or skin issue. Latex is a common allergy too, and depending on the kind of massage you are having, you may need to ensure no products are used that contain latex. Some skin types can be really sensitive, although they may not have a specific skin condition. If yours is problematic or you react to certain substances then ensure nothing is used on your skin that may cause an irritation. Your masseuse does not need to use fragrance oils for the tantric massage, but they add to the overall experience. If you prefer to have no fragrances used then tell your therapist beforehand. She will then ensure that only plain carrier oil is used. A carrier oil such as grapeseed is unlikely to upset your skin. It is better to use an emollient of some kind for the massage as this ensures the massage is sweeping and continuous. It also ensures your skin is not made sore.

You will notice that when essential oils mixed appropriately with carrier oils are used as on the skin, the mixture can alleviate skin irritations or itches and promote good skin growth. It is excellent for dry skin and replenishes the skin with moisture. Many tantric massage establishments will use a variety of different aromatic oils blended together to create their own secret blend, although some may buy a ready-made blend. It is better if your masseuse can mix the oils together herself as she can tailor it to suit you. Not everyone likes the sweet smell of sandalwood and may prefer more sultry woody blends. If you do like the smell of sandalwood then she may or may use this in conjunction with other oils. Sandalwood does blend well with ylang ylang, which is an essential oil that has aphrodisiac qualities. Frankincense is known to help enhance spirituality, which is an excellent essential oil to have for your tantric massage, as it will help expand your awareness and forma spiritual connection with the universe.


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