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Welcome to Tantric Massage in London Kensington

Our Tantric massage in London studio is the ideal place, where you could relax and de-stress. We offer two - and four - hand basic, mutual, and Yoni Tantric massage, and during our session's music, candles, and massage oils are used in order to achieve full relaxation and awakening of the senses. The Tantric massage will help you channel your sexual energy in the best possible way and achieve a state of bliss and harmony. On your demand, we can incorporate Lingam (or Yoni) massage in our sessions, which is the ultimate way for you to relax and experience pleasure. Our services are open to men, women, and couples, and bringing a friend or a partner is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Tantric Massage

Experience the unique and invigorating pleasures of Tantric massage. Tantric Massage is a space devoted to the ancient sensual healing practice of tantra, where anyone can relieve stress and anxiety through a relaxing, full-body massage. Each session is customised to completely fulfil all the client's healing needs and desires.

Massage Benefits

Tantric massage is a truly memorable experience that relaxes one's mind and muscles, whilst imbuing the body with sensual healing energy. Tantra is a natural healing practice that combines the physical, spiritual, and sexual aspects of the human body. Practitioners of Tantric massage use sensual and erotic techniques that are focused on stimulating and awakening the Kundalini, which is the source of the body's energy. When the energy of the Kundalini is unblocked and released, it clears the mind of negative energy and allows it to better tap into one's creativity and natural intelligence.


Proper atmosphere is important for a Tantric massage and our London studio is warm, inviting, and relaxing. Soft lighting and music, as well as massage oils with healing aroma properties, are used. Sessions can also be held in outcall locations where the therapist brings all necessary supplies.


Whilst each session varies according the needs of the client, a host of methods can be used during one's time with a Tantric practitioner. It is important to discuss beforehand, the goal of the session so the proper techniques are employed.

Body to body massage is a widely used technique where the massage giver uses her breasts to glide gently over the shoulders, chest, back, and lower body. This allows the practitioners to transfer their own body warmth and energy directly to the massage recipient. It is a highly erotic experience that stimulates blood and energy flow in the body.

Lingam or Yoni massage is also often used during Tantric sessions. This involves stimulation of the pelvic region, which is where two of the body's most vital energy centers, Muladhara and Svadhisthana Chakras, are located. Generally, the therapist will begin with a gentle touch just above the pelvic area, using the fingertips and fingernails to brush the skin. This often results in a flushing feeling on the skin where arousal is common. This is completely natural and to be expected.

Massage of the Lingam or Yoni is an experience that helps free sexual tension and has many benefits. While orgasm can often result in such activities, it is not necessarily the goal. The skilled Tantric practitioner senses it when orgasm is about to occur where it will often back off on pressure to help the client gain mastery over sexual release. This is called "riding the wave" as each build and release heightens the overall experience. Whether or not orgasm results, the unblocking of the Kundalini will release incredible sensual energy into the body.

Long-term Tantric Relaxation

At the conclusion of the session, it is important to lie still and feel relaxed for a bit. Often, the mind will flood with random thoughts and emotions. Let them flow in and out freely, while enjoying the restfulness and peace. The glow from a Tantric massage can last well after the session and regular massage brings even long-term peace and health.

Tantric Massage For Men And Women

We offer Tantric massage for both men and women, as this kind of sublime intimate massage is a thing of kinesthetic beauty and helps a couple to get to know each other on a more intimate level, both physically and spiritually.

Why men choose Tantric massage

Men are generally introduced to this form of massage by a business colleague or they chance upon it naturally themselves when looking for ways to de-stress. Many men have found that Tantric massage is one of the best ways to combat the stress in their lives caused by busy schedules, hectic meetings or intense job related applications. Traveling around the world can cause a lot of stress for businessmen and if one meeting is quickly followed by another, it can be difficult to find an inner peace to combat the work stress, day in day out. That is the beauty of Tantric massage, as it can be adapted to suit the individual and can cause a deep sense of relaxation and fulfillment in a very short space of time.

Why women love Tantric massage

Women are more familiar with massage (whether it is Tantric massage or any other form of massage) and will use it as a way to lower blood pressure and feel good about themselves. Usually women will choose Swedish massage to start with and once they are happy with the experience, they will look for ways to help them address more intimate issues in their lives. Intimate issues, or sexual difficulties are some of the very common problems that can be helped through Tantric massage. The masseuse is very familiar with the necessary techniques to provide a fulfilling Tantric massage on both men and women, and this intimate knowledge helps them to give you a sense of safety. This helps to unlock any inhibitions, which can help you discover more about yourself and what pleases you. This newfound knowledge will help to deepen any sexual relationship you might have and will give you a feeling of independence too.

Tantric massage for couples

We also offer Tantric massage for couples. This is a great anniversary gift or birthday gift and it will be one that you both remember for a long time. The Goddess will teach you the ways of Tantric massage and will show you how to achieve the perfect state of mind through the massage. The exchange of energies between you and your partner in this way is enhanced and when the energies blend, the experience takes on a more intense and personal feel. It is as if your minds are melding together in perfect union as the expert massage techniques allow the mind freedom to expand.

After-massage benefits

Once you have experienced your blissful Tantric massage, you will discover the feeling and flow of energy will stay with you for a while. Not only will this help to keep you relaxed, but it will also enable you to tap into that feeling at times of great stress, enabling you to lower your blood pressure and deal with any situation in a calm and confident manner.

Furthermore, you will find that the more tantric massage sessions you have, the easier it is to enter into this calm state of mind. This will help to keep your overall health at its optimum best as well as make you a better person to be around. You will also find that you can think more clearly due to being in a more relaxed frame of mind and if you are involved in a profession that requires a lot of decision making or troubleshooting, then this is perfect for you.

Gain control

Tantric massage will truly help you learn to control your feelings and your emotions. This is because you will be taught control over your orgasm. Control can be vital in some situations and learning this very useful skill alone can help you manage your life and your career more effectively. By learning to control your orgasm, you learn about yourself and how far you can deal with any situation before it becomes an issue.

Allow us to guide you to flower into your true authentic self ,where bliss reigns.!

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